Gateway Laptop Charger Keeps Beeping – 3 Reasons You Should Know!

Are you using a gateway laptop that keeps beeping on charge when you’re doing your routine work? If it happens randomly, then it’s not a big deal. I have two gateway laptops and both do the same and I’m just going along with it.

However, if your gateway laptop charger keeps beeping the whole time it’s on charge, then there might be 3 reasons it’s happening. The best way to disable your gateway laptop charger beeping is by turning the system speaker settings in the device manager.

On the other hand, if your laptop is also creating unnecessary noises from other parts such as fans, chime, or tone, then you may need to consult with a technician. In this blog post, we have mentioned three valid reasons your gateway laptop charger keeps beeping and just messing with you.

Let’s get started!

3 Possible Reasons Your Gateway Laptop Charger Keeps Beeping With Solutions!

Laptop chargers are an integral part of the device, and without their reliable efficiency, you and I can’t even write or read this blog post!

However, if you have plugged in your laptop and it’s not charging but still making a beeping noise, here’s what you can do!

1. Loose AC Adapter Wire:

Here’s something you may not know!

AC adapters convert AC voltages into DC electricity for efficient charge and power, and if any of its wires has a loose end, the laptop charger will start beeping.

Loose AC Adapter Wire
source: youtube

The only solution for this is to make sure that your gateway laptop charger does not have a loose wire. If it’s still not charging, then there might be something wrong with your charging port or something else.

2. Faulty Socket:

Another possible reason you may agree with me is having a faulty charging socket failing to pass the proper current supply. No matter how much troubleshooting you do, and the methods used to solve the problem, the laptop charger will continually beep if you have a faulty socket.

Faulty Socket
source: voltacompliance

To make sure your socket is working properly, try using different sockets and see if the beeping stops or not.

3. Unexpected Short Circuit:

If there’s anything that I didn’t expect to happen to my gateway laptop charger, it’s a random short circuit that causes all these issues.

Whether you are a solo traveler like me or a college student who always keeps his laptop and charger in his backpack, there’s a chance your charger wire may fold and an internal wire is causing a short circuit resulting in the beeping.

In this situation, try to identify the random sparking smell around your laptop and fix your charger using a multimeter.

Here’s how you can do it within 60 seconds.


Charger beeping is a common thing that keeps happening. However, if this bothers you like me and you wanna get rid of it, try to identify the reason and use the solutions I mentioned above.

But, if your gateway laptop charger keeps beeping even after using all of it, I recommend consulting a tech nerd or technician who understands every part of your charger!