Acer Laptop Headphone Problem – Best Solutions To Fix In 2023!

There’s nothing more annoying than having a pair of headphones not working on Acer laptops, leaving you frustrated. I can feel you here!

This often happens to me when I plan to spend my weekend at home watching movies on my Acer laptop and suddenly my headphones start annoying me. If you are also facing Acer laptop headphone problems, then trust me, you’re not alone!

The most common reason your headphones are not working on an Acer laptop is due to the wrong settings of audio selection. You can fix this immediately by selecting headphones as outer speakers on the speaker icon.

But, if you have already done this and still there’s nothing changed, Don’t worry. In this article, I have mentioned everything you need to know about fixing your Acer laptop headphone problem within 15-20 minutes. Let’s get started.

Check If The Problem Is With The Acer Laptop Or Headphones:

Before you think that there’s something wrong with your laptop, it would be a wise move to inspect your headphones!

Check If The Problem Is With The Acer Laptop Or Headphones
source: quora

The best way to check this is by using your headphones on a different device. If it’s connecting and working properly, then you need to check your laptop settings or port.

But, if it still doesn’t give a single sound after connecting to another device, then it’s a clear sign your headphones are dead and you need to replace them. But in the case of laptop settings, read below to know how you can fix your Acer laptop headphone problem.

6 Fixes To Solve Your Acer Laptop Headphone Problem In 2023:

1. Make Sure You Have Plugged In Properly:

The first and the most common thing to check is to make sure you have properly inserted the headphones into the right plug. 

Make Sure You Have Plugged In Properly
source: headphonesty

However, the headphone jacks are easy to identify, and you know where to plug them. If it’s still not working, then move to the next fix.

2. Make Sure The Volume Is Maximum:

Another common reason you’re not hearing any voice from your headphones is due to low volume. Sometimes we mute or lower the voice by mistake and wonder for minutes why my headphones aren’t working.

If that’s the case then you already know the solution. Click on the volume icon and max it from there. 

3. Make Sure The Problem Is With Headphones:

It’s quite possible that the problem isn’t where we are looking for. It could be in another direction, and in this case, there’s a chance that the headphone is broken or something malfunctioning in your laptop settings.

Make Sure The Problem Is With Headphones
source: headphonesty

But to make sure whether it’s an Acer laptop headphone problem, here’s what you need to do:

  • Try a different pair of headphones, if it’s working properly, then you can blame your previous pair of headphones.
  • But if the new pair of headphones isn’t working either, then you have to switch on fix #4

4. Update Your Acer Laptop’s Audio Driver:

Outdated drivers or corrupted files are another common reason you are experiencing sound problems in your headphones. This confirms more when you just bought a new pair and it still causing the same issue.

You can immediately fix this problem by updating your drivers and installing the compatible files on your laptop. However, if you don’t know how to update your Windows audio drivers, seek professional help or browse the internet to learn more.

5. Set Your Headphone’s Audio Settings As Default:

This mostly happens in older versions of Windows Operating Systems!

Normally, Windows automatically detects and updates your headphone settings to default when you inject the headphone jack. But, that’s not always the case in older laptops or Windows. 

Set Your Headphone’s Audio Settings As Default
source: nerdschalk

But that wouldn’t be a problem. All you have to do is adjust the settings manually by following the below steps:

  • Right-click on the sound icon that you can see on the lower right of your laptop screen.
  • Go to the playback tab > unplug and replug your headphones and make sure the headphone icon is checked
  • If yes, then click OK

6. Clean Your Headphone Jack:

The no.6 fix to resolve your Acer laptop headphone problem is pretty simple. It’s quite possible that your headphones may be clogged up with dirt which leads to your headphones not working.

But to clean your headphones, ensure you don’t use a wet tissue. Use a cotton swab until it can be fully inside the jack.

Insert the cotton swab and swirl it around to clean any dirt. Make sure you repeat this process gently so that you don’t damage any internal wires or wet your headphone speakers.

Final Words:

It’s a common issue that your headphones are not working properly. There might be several reasons such as inappropriate audio settings of the laptop, damaged headphones, or outdated audio drivers.

But in any case, I have mentioned 6 effective ways that you can use to resolve your Acer laptop headphone problem without any hassle