Gateway Laptop Charger Not Working – 3 Reasons In 2023

Has it ever happened to you that you are doing your routine work on your gateway laptop, and suddenly you realize your battery is dead? You plug in the charger and it still doesn’t charge.

It’s quite possible that your AC power adapter is not supplying the charging power to the laptop causing this trouble. However, its easy fix is to replace or test another AC power adapter to make sure it’s either your AC adapter or something else.

But replacing your charger isn’t the only case to solve the problem. There are several reasons your gateway laptop charger not working. In this blog post, I have mentioned 3 reasons why your laptop charger is not working and explained the best possible solutions that don’t cost much.

Let’s get started!

3 Reasons Your Gateway Laptop Charger Not Working:

1. Faulty Power Adapter Or Charging Cable:

Considering the price of laptops nowadays, their charging cable and AC power adapter are quite cheap. If your laptop is plugged in and still not charging, there’s a chance your power cable is damaged or disconnected internally with other wires.

Faulty Power Adapter Or Charging Cable
source: addictivetips

The first thing that you should check is your AC power adapter. If you have a spare charger at your home with the same voltage, try it and see if that charges or not. If yes, then you may need to replace your gateway laptop charger.

2. Your Laptop Battery Is Dead:

If your gateway laptop charger is not working, then there’s a high chance you have a faulty battery in your laptop. This mostly happens in older models compared to new ones. Like an AC power adapter, you can also replace your faulty battery with a new one without any problem. 

Laptop Battery Is Dead
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But, make sure you choose the right certified battery that doesn’t come cheap as it’s the most integral part of your gateway laptop that you shouldn’t compromise.

3. Your Charging Port Is Not Working:

Another common reason your gateway laptop charger not working is due to a faulty charging port. In my case, I didn’t realize this until I bought a new charger, and replaced new battery without having a single clue what I was doing.

Charging Port Is Not Working
source: portablepowerguides

After a keen inspection of my laptop, the technician told me that there was nothing wrong with my battery and AC adapter. The real trouble is my laptop’s charging port which is damaged.

So, if you want to save hundreds of dollars on unnecessary purchases, make sure you check your charging port. 

5 Tips To Solve Your Gateway Laptop Charging:

1. Check Physical Cable Connections:

Before you get deeper into troubleshooting and other solutions, first check the basics. It would be great if you check the cable connections and make sure it’s inserted properly.

Check Physical Cable Connections
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Also, don’t forget to review the cable plugged-in AC power adapter. It’s quite possible that your gateway laptop charger is not working because it’s loose because someone tripped over it.

2. Remove The Battery And Connect To Power Directly:

The second solution you should consider is to determine whether your battery is working properly or not. Almost every laptop comes with a removable battery.

Remove your gateway laptop’s battery and connect it directly to the power. If your laptop is turned on and running on, then you should change your battery immediately. If not, then your charger is causing trouble!

Important Notice: Make sure that your laptop is shut down when you’re removing the battery, unplug the charger and disconnect any accessories attached to it!

3. Make Sure You’re Using The Right Charger Port:

Moving on to the next solution, make sure that your laptop charger is inserted in the right port and gives enough power to fully charge. If you have bought a new model of gateway laptop, chances are that it might use a USB-C port charger.

Make Sure You’re Using The Right Charger Port
source: pcmag

For the best results use the original charger that comes with your laptop. Although, I would recommend not using cheap or low-quality chargers as they may cause issues.

4. Reduce Resource Usage:

Most people don’t know about this but here’s what I got to tell you! When you run high-end programs that drain your battery like water spilling, your charger may fail to properly charge even if it’s plugged in properly.

For instance, if your computer is getting hot, the fans will work even harder to cool it and your charger might not be performing quickly enough to charge.

Try to not put a lot of load on your laptop to save its battery timing and life span. If you inspect this as the root issue of your charging, try closing some programs.

5. Update Or Reinstall Battery Drivers:

A battery or laptop charger is an external part of the device. However, windows require certain drivers to operate properly without creating any problems.

Update Or Reinstall Battery Drivers
source: drivereasy

If you have inspected your laptop’s battery and AC power adapter, as well as charging port, and still couldn’t find any issue. It is possible that your drivers are corrupted or expired. The good thing is that you can directly download and update your drivers. In order to check your battery drivers: 

  • Right-click on your start button 
  • Press Win + X
  • Select device manager
  • Expand battery section

There you will see two entries known as Microsoft AC Adapter, and Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery. Right-click on each of them and update your drivers.

Bottom Line:

For all you dedicated Gateway laptop users out there, we understand the frustration that comes with a non-functioning charger.

First, I addressed the possibility of a faulty power adapter or charging cable. These components are relatively inexpensive to replace, so it’s worth checking them before jumping to conclusions. If you’re dealing with an older model, the culprit might be a worn-out battery.

Remember, investing in a certified replacement battery is a wise choice to maintain your laptop’s longevity and performance. Lastly, keeping your laptop’s drivers up to date is essential. The process is straightforward, and it can resolve issues that you might not even be aware of.