Gateway Laptop Charger Showing A Red Light – Resolve It Now!

Are you one of those guys, who constantly use their laptop on charge and doesn’t care about the battery health? If yes, then you might have encountered this issue before. 

However, if your gateway laptop charger shows a red light, it indicates something is wrong with your charger and you have to fix it immediately.

While encountering such a problem, there are several methods you can use to identify whether it’s a charger malfunctioning or your battery is not working properly. Below we have mentioned everything you need to know about your gateway laptop charger showing a red light.

Here’s What To Do When Your Gateway Laptop Charger Show A Red Light:

If you own a gateway laptop, then you may already know their model represents three indicators for charging. Blue means, it’s fully charged, orange means, you’re juicing out, and red means your battery is malfunctioning.

What To Do When Your Gateway Laptop Charger Show A Red Light
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However, it could be an error within the laptop, or your gateway laptop charger. To diagnose the issue, you need to check the battery and its connections. Additionally, you can also try using a different charger and see if it works. 

If the problem persists, you should contact a professional technician for assistance. On the other hand, you have to make sure, it’s not an internal problem. To properly identify the issue, you should first check the charger for any physical damage. 

If the charger is in good condition, you should check the battery for any physical damage. But, if both charger and battery are in good condition, you should check the laptop for any software issues.

Last but not least, I’ve experienced the same issue with my Gateway T-6815 notebook PC, and I’ve explored every possible reason to know why my gateway laptop charger not working. But once, I replaced the battery and the charger both, I never faced the issue.

What If My Gateway Laptop Battery Isn’t Something I Should Change?

If you’re 100% positive about your battery, then you shouldn’t change it. However, try to turn on your laptop with an AC adapter without a battery. 

What If My Gateway Laptop Battery Isn’t Something I Should Change
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While doing so, if your battery indicator didn’t light up, it means there’s nothing wrong with the battery and you can use it. Although, it’s the AC adapter that needs a goodbye!

On the other hand, check for settings and see if there are any software or driver issues. Sometimes, this happens because your drivers are outdated and can’t support the efficient battery power supply.

Final Words:

The gateway laptop charger showing a red light is a common and solvable issue. You can fix this issue by restarting your laptop without a battery on the AC Adapter alone. If it shows a red light, you need to change your charger. Otherwise, software errors can also cause this problem.

Last but not least, if you’ve tried every possible solution and still couldn’t fix it. I recommend visiting a professional technician and seeking their expertise on this matter.