Horizontal Lines On Acer Laptop Screen – How To Fix In 2023?

If you are seeing horizontal lines on Acer laptop screen, it’s a sign that something wrong with your laptop’s LCD needs repair. It’s a common issue that can be fixed easily without any hassle.

However, it can drastically affect your productivity, and watching movies online could be a major frustration.

Normally this happens when you’re running an incompatible app on your device or your graphic drivers are outdated. But, if you want to fix horizontal lines on an Acer laptop screen like I did, continue reading to learn more.

Reasons You Are Getting Horizontal Lines On Acer Laptop Screen:

1. App Incompatibility:

As I said before, downloading incompatible apps on your device may cause this problem. 

If you download and run preferred applications and software, your computer will ideally work as your personalized digital center. On the other hand, it can cause certain issues, and having horizontal lines on an Acer laptop screen is one of them.

App Incompatibility
source: community.acer

Here’s how you can identify whether the applications you’re running are compatible with your laptop or not:

  • Go to your Task Manager
  • Check if the screen is still flickering while you’re running the Task Manager
  • If the task manager is the only program that doesn’t flicker when opened, then you’re running an incompatible program.
  • But, if it’s still flickering when opened, then there’s something else you need to deal with

2. Running Your Device On Outdated Display Drivers:

Have you ever noticed frequent reminders of Window’s update that you ignore because it take a while to do? They are easy to overlook. People who continually ignore them and snooze their laptops instead of shutting them down are more vulnerable to the negative side effects of these issues.

Running Your Device On Outdated Display Drivers
source: razer

Problems like poor internet connection, distorted display, and horizontal lines on a display screen are the result of internal hardware malfunctioning. However, it requires patches, updates, and bug fixes which you ignore by not updating the drivers and Windows software.

Make sure you frequently check for updates (if you have any) and maintain a proper routine so that you won’t have to deal with these issues.

3. Loose Or Damaged Wires:

It’s quite possible that you unintentionally may have broken, damaged, or loosened up an internal LCD wire causing screen flickering. When I frequently traveled during my college days, I always kept my Acer laptop in my backpack with several other gadgets and accessories including a water bottle.

Loose Or Damaged Wires
source: reddit

And guess what? I unintentionally put some pressure on the laptop screen which tore up an internal wire and I started getting horizontal lines on the Acer laptop screen.

Long story short, faulty internal wiring will likely cause some angles to flicker and you may experience horizontal and vertical lines on the laptop screen.

How To Fix Vertical & Horizontal Lines On Acer Laptop Screen?

1. Power Cycle The Monitor:

The easiest way to prevent lines on the laptop screen is by turning your laptop on and off. If it’s still there, then try adjusting the brightness level and contrast settings.

Power Cycle The Monitor
source: technewstoday

However, if it still occurs, then there’s nothing wrong with internal components or software, the problem is with the LCD display screen.

2. Reseating The Ribbon Cables:

If you have an extra monitor available at your home, then you can open the back of your monitor and reseate the ribbon cables. On a serious note, it’s a complicated process and I recommend doing it only if you’re confident about your skills to get the job done.

However, if the problem is still there, then here’s what you need to do:

  1. Unplug all peripheral devices from your laptop
  2. Check for any damages on your LCD panel
  3. Inspect the video cables to see if they are damaged or loose
  4. Change your refresh rate settings
  5. Adjust your screen resolution

Final Words:

The above are some methods that you can apply to fix horizontal lines on an Acer laptop screen without any hassle. However, make sure that you maintain a routine of updating your display drivers.

On the other hand, if it happens again, remove any external devices connected to your laptop and troubleshoot it I mentioned

Try using another monitor or change your refresh rate settings to fix horizontal lines on the display screen.